Disney Plots

Disney movies seem to all have the kid's parent(s) killed at the start (to make you have empathy for the child), and then the only hope for most girl characters is to wait for some handsome guy to save her. Here are some examples; which ones did I miss?

  • Cinderella, girl becomes servant to stepmother and step-sisters, awaits prince to save her.
  • Snow White, girl's father dies, then her evil stepmother tries to kill her for being too pretty, then puts her to sleep, where she waits for prince handsome to kiss and save her.
  • Sleeping Beauty, girl waits for prince charming to save her.
  • Bambi, the deer's mother is killed in first scene.
  • The Little Mermaid, sexy bikini girl has no mom, falls in love with human and sells her voice to get legs so she can abandon her family and try to win him over.
  • The Jungle Book, orphan boy raised in the jungle by some dancing animals, with lots of cool music. :)
  • Lion King, boy lion watches his father get killed, then has to fight his uncle who wants to kill him.
  • Beauty and the Beast, girl has no mom, beast imprisons her dad and mistreats her so she tries to be nicer to him to change him and win him over (message: if your boyfriend beats you, it is your fault, just stay with him and try to be prettier and nicer).
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame, boy's mother is killed at start of movie, he becomes hunchback, lives with evil preist, falls for gypsy girl, but she falls for handsome soldier instead. Includes scene where preist is fantasizing about strangling the sexy gypsy girl.
  • Finding Nemo, nemo's mother gets killed in first scene, then he gets captured by a dentist scuba diver and his father has to find him. Actually I loved this movie; Ellen DeGeneres was hilarious.

I did like Mulan a lot; a girl pretends to be a boy so she can take her aging father's place in the army, to help the Chinese defeat invading warriors. Although even in this movie there is a traditional "girl falls for (more) powerful man" story with her handsome commanding officer.

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