Here is a list of the startups co-founded by Paul English.

  1. Boston Venture Studio, a startup for creating consumer technology companies.

  2. Moonbeam, a podcast player focused on podcast discovery, and interaction between hosts and listeners.

  3. Reki, the simplest way that friends can share list of recommended TV shows.

  4. Deets, find the best restaurants (and soon hotels) based on friends.

  5., an online community of Chinese chess players from around the world. First created in 1997, then relaunched in 2021.

  6. Lola Travel, a spend and travel management company focused on SMB, sold to Capital One.

  7. Kayak, a consumer travel company we took public in 2012 and sold to Priceline/ in 2013.

  8. GetHuman effort to restore sanity to customer service.

  9. Boston Light Software, a maker of ecommerce software, sold to Intuit, where I served as VP Technology for almost four years.

  10. Intermute, a security software company I cofounded with my brother Ed English. We sold this to Trend Micro.

  11. Speed Games, a company I started in high school, where my sole game was Cupid for the Commodore 64. I licensed this to Games by Apollo, and used proceeeds to buy an Apple ][+ with 48K of memory, an eprom burner, and a dot matrix printer. Although my licensing deal was only $25k, in many ways this was my most meaningful startup, as it taught me that code could turn into cash.

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