Htrack is an iPhone app to help you track healthy habits with friends. Your goals could be to lose weight, increase exercise, decrease drinking, increase meditation, or really anything you want to track.

Htrack is designed to make it as easy as possible to enter a food item or activity, typically with only 1-2 keystrokes or clicks. You can either type in text (e.g., salad, burger) or click on a keyword (running, meditation). You can define your own keywords for anything which is a common activity for you.

But the magic of Htrack is the use of it with a healthy habits buddy. If you add someone as a friend in Htrack, they can see all your diary entries and leave you feedback on each item, either by clicking an emoticon button or by typing in text feedback.

Please see for more info, and search for "Htrack" from the iOS App Store. - articles - startups - nonprofits - press 11-Sep-2020