I have learned to appreciate the little things in life, and to be 100% mindful of my actions as much as possible during the day.

One of my mindfulness routines that I like to do each day is to make myself a smoothie each morning. I have perfected the recipe for me. This makes two servings.

After I drink the smoothie, I carefully clean the blender, the glass, and the spoon straw, and I do this mindfully.

The mindful part of this process was inspired from a Thich Nhat Hanh book, where a visiting American Buddhist offers to clean the dishes after a meal. TNH: no, leave the dishes for me. AB: no, you made me a beautiful meal, I would like to clean the dishes for you. TNH: but you do not know how to clean dishes. AB: of course I do, I have lived as a bachelor for many years. TNH: fine, tell me why you clean the dishes. AB (after some thought): to appreciate the meal and clean the dishes so we can have another beautiful meal tomorrow. TNH: no, you clean the dishes to clean the dishes.

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