Time Management

I have many interests, so I've had to create some discipline for how I manage my schedule.

Here are my time management tricks:

  1. Color code my calendar for: my company BVS, non-profit, self-improvement (gym, meditation class, medical), and recreation/downtime/friends/family.
  2. Every Monday morning, I review my upcoming week with my assistant to make sure things look in balance.
  3. Do BVS work meetings between 10am-5pm, and nonprofit stuff before or after those times.
  4. Leave noon-2pm open every day for casual BVS work lunches for whatever comes up each day.
  5. Be mindful of what percentage of my meetings were initiated by me vs. requested from others. Keep a balance of proactive vs. reactive.
  6. Trust my team. I do not need to be in every meeting or on every email chain.
  7. Do one touch email handling which keeps my inbox about ten items on average.
  8. Make sure I have at least a couple meetings each day which are super fun / high energy, e.g., product design reviews.
  9. See also: how I run meetings.

What are your tricks?

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